Supporting fieldwork back in the classroom

This post is aimed at Year 10 geographers at Priory Geography and uses a range of freely available tools that help to (re)visit the study area of Hengistbury Head.


I’ve always encouraged students to use dictaphones and their devices’ voice recorder for them to capture information in the field.  I always remind groups that ‘eyes were invented before scientific equipment’ and what they see is just as valuable as what they measure if used well.  Fotobable, while occasionally clunky and glitchy, allows students to capture an annotated photograph that can later be transformed into maps / annotated photographs and fieldsketches. Here are two examples taken by myself:


It’s worth creating and sharing photosets via Flickr so that students can revisit the area. Priory Geography’s photostream can be found here.  You’ll notice that the images can be used to refresh memories of field methods as well as landforms.  Any ‘poor’ photographs are deliberate as most mark schemes.


One of my favourite tools. Here is one example that is used to talk about evidence of longshore drift and sediment starvation.

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