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As my time at Priory Geography draws to a close, I’m trying to capture all of the little things that have been set up.  I have already described the front view of a classroom in our department. This post describes the desk set up which is similar in each of our three classrooms.   Of course, Jo Debens, Sam Atkins and JP will say that it’s never this tidy…..

Of course, there is room for individual takes and each desk is not the same.  What is si,ilar is the teacher desk position which is not the dominant feature in the classroom.  My desk is pushed to the back of the room in one corner while the other two are pushed into the front corners.  This creates ‘performance space.’ In my view, you shouldn’t be sat down at a desk when teaching.  Also, there shouldn’t be a barrier between the teacher and young people in the form of a monitor or desk.

In some ways, this post linked closely by this one by Ollie Bray that sets out the minimum technology needed in a classroom and I’d agree wholeheartedly with his analysis.

So, clockwise from the bottom left:

Department timetable – yes, I could use PARs if I wanted to eventually find out what’s going on in the department.  Highlighted for groups I need to take an interest in (such as focus groups, high or low progress, behaviour concerns).

My keys – Always losing them.

Board pens etc – I put these in to emphasis that a Priory Geography is a creative environment, not a technology environment.

Ladibug visualiser – cheap and awesome for displaying pupil work, modelling diagrams and exam answers, using my iPhone as a decibel meter to monitor the working noise level, bugs, leaves, my hand…


2 monitors – when you have two monitors it’s difficult to go back to only one.  Allows PARS / SIMS whatever (better) MIS you have, prep resources, timers etc off screen then drag them in.

Post its – analogue is sometimes the best

PC with DVD drive – I don’t care what it is as long as it’s good.  We have easy capacity to swap in a laptop. Good speakers are important.

Rolling blackboard – it’s history in it?

RGS / GA Membership

Non-negotiables / Discipline thing – important aide memoirs

Development plan – because it’s a living document and shouldn’t be buried in a draw.

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