Student Curriculum Hackers–day two and the plan.


You may have read last week’s exploits of Priory Geography’s Student Curriculum Hackers last week.  This post is a quick update after the second session.

The young people were let loose on the department’s schemes of work, which are kept in Google Docs.  Over the two hour session, they evaluated:

  • Welcome to the Jungle (originally co-constructed with students a couple of years ago with Alan Parkinson);
  • A GCSE Rivers and Coasts Unit;
  • Moving Stories – migration and
  • Restless Earth.

The quality of the discussion was excellent, and I include the screenshot above to demonstrate that students a) want to be encouraged to achieve higher and b) want to be given choice as part of the Standard Operating Procedures during Schemes of Work.

The next steps are important, so an outline is below.  I’ll write up with reflections and conclusions when we’re done:

  • The students share their experiences at TeachMeet Pompey this Thursday (27th June);
  • The Priory Geography teachers will consider the changes during the department meeting on 1st July;
  • I’ll meet the student hackers to feed back to them on the changes that will take place, those that won’t and the reasons why.
  • During our regular Wednesday morning slot, the students and I will evaluate the process.
  • Finally, the changes will be made to the Schemes of Work during the departments annual Curriculum Development Day on the 13th July.

Stay tuned.

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