Worthing(ish) Teachup proposal #worthingteachup

2013-07-21 08.58.59
I’ve been living in Goring by Sea for around seven years now after a try-before-you-buy thing.  Back in July sometime I floated the possibility of organising an informal Tweetup in the area and there seemed to be a little bit of support for this.  I’m happy to do the arranging, no presentations, just chatting and refreshments.  Happy if it’s just me and one other, or more! The idea is the a straightforward and relaxed networking and support opportunity locally, perhaps leading to some joint adventures.
Anyway, in order to get an idea of whether this is worthwhile, I’ve created the form embedded below.  The plan is to get back to you by the 6th September.  Of course, it’s Worthing(ish) so no geographic boundaries.  I’ve suggested a Thursday as it avoids any weekend getaways and 7-7:30 should make it fairly friendly to those with young families. Please feel free to pass feedback either through the form or through a tweet. As my culinary adventures extend mainly as far as Goring’s Sea Lane Cafe Burger, the Mulakat, the The Verandah and the mega challenge at the Mulberry, all suggestions of meet up venues happily received….

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