Flipping blip! A decade in teaching: how did that happen?

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As I’m between jobs at the moment, I’ve had time to think and reflect.  Thus, the realisation that I’ve been teaching for ten years hit my head.  Ten years? A lot can happen in that time. Anyway, after treading water for a while, I’m about to take up a new leadership post. It’s almost time to start wearing a watch again, so I thought I’d share what I’m looking forward to and what I’m not.  I have a plan. Sort of.

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Looking forward to:

    • – having to learn stuff again in a different place. From different acronyms to finding my way around the building;
    • – Being part of a vibrant learning community with a clear vision;
    • – being in a school that values reading though the Drop Everything And Read scheme.  The only bonus of commuting for two hours each day is that I got to read a lot.
    • – leading on teaching and learning (more on this below),
    • – being challenged,
    • – still teaching some geography. I have a number of KS3 classes, but nothing beyond. This should allow me to focus on adapting to the new role,
    • – not having to commute.

I’m expecting my first term to be tough, having to establish myself with students and staff and then get something done. 

And what does the role involve? I include this here for those aspiring to an AHT post:

  • Helping to lead CPD in the school (there is a team of three on SLT focused on Teaching and Learning, which is very exciting and shows where the school’s priorities lie).
  • Feedback and Assessment.
  • Closing the gap, or planning for every pupil.  Focusing on what can be done in the classroom.
  • Line managing three departments: Science, Art and Life Skills.

All in all, I’m very much looking forward to starting.  This time next week I’ll be suited and booted on the first real day.

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