#ukstorm2013 Creating a shared teaching resource about our Storm experiences.


In 2009, I created and shared this map using UMapper.  In the lead up to the storm predicted to hit the UK, I’ve created another map to share our stories before, during and after the experience.  This time I’m using Google’s MyMaps as it seems a little less clunky to use. This will be used in classes.  For example, you may be living in an area that isn’t affected, and students can use satellite and weather information to figure out why.

Anyone can add to the map:

  1. Click here to visit the map.
  2. Sign in to Google – you should be able to edit it (tweet me if you can’t)
  3. Select the correct layer (Before, during or after the storm). I’m not 100% sure how this works for other people.
  4. Navigate to your location (I suggest you don’t select your actual house).
  5. Leave your story. Links to images / videos would be great.

That’s it! I hope!

That’s it.

4 Responses

  1. Hi
    Im struggling signing into google and the Map – Im based in Guernsey and all UK to Channel Islands Fast Ferries have been cancelled for today and tomorrow. The weather has become so bad that the slow boat the conventional ferry has docked in Guernsey tonight at 7:00pm and cannot get to Jersey due to winds of up to 70 knots in the channel already!

  2. Hi David, also struggling to add to the map, nothing much to report in Bedford yet though! Do you mind if we embed the map on our wallwisher collaboration or use it as a resource later? @bsgeography

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