Get involved in Moonshot Thinking. I dare you………. Google Teacher Academy London 2014

I’m very excited to be involved in the Google Teacher Academy that will take place in London on the 27-18th of October.  Mainly because the NoTosh team are behind a redesign of the programme.  I’m excited because I know that I’ll be working with a great bunch of people: the people who have, and are yet to, apply. 

Details of what is involved can be found here, and the application form here.

Now, I know that many of you may be put off by the fact that it’s Google.  I’d still urge you to consider applying. Although there is a bound to be a but of corporate stuff, it’s essentially a bunch of very passionate educators getting together to talk about learning. In fact, the experience would be greatly enhanced by those that put teaching and learning first and see the potential that technology has to improve student outcomes. There are many huge challenges faced in schools every single day, and there isn’t a technological solution to them all.  However, though my involvement with programmes such as the Google Teacher Academy and Microsoft’s Expert Educator, I am convinced that technology does and can play a part in solving problems. For me, using tools to streamline line management and sharing curriculum resources has freed up teacher time as well as using technology to enhance and augment learning experiences.

Consider the following, that appears as part of the application.  What if?……..

The contacts and community of the event is a key feature of getting involved.  This has been enhanced by the creation of mentors who will work with small groups to encourage change to happen back in the classroom / institution.  This mirrors my own belief that real change will come through grass roots action – teachers taking control and setting the agenda.

The deadline fro applications is coming up soon (22nd September). I’m looking forward to the conversations, challenges and adventures.

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