Looking forward to the Geographical Association’s Annual Conference #gaconf15


It’s coming close to one of my favourite events of the year: the Geographical Association’s Annual Conference.  You can check out the details here, including programmes.  I fell out of love with the GA a little while ago, but reengaged during last year’s conference in Guildford.  This year I’ll be heading to Manchester for. three days of Geography.  I really enjoy being a geographer, and the mix of lectures and workshops from all phases of education is really valuable.  Indeed, it has the best line up of any education event.

Here are a few events that I’m looking forward to – if it’s your first time at the conference come and say Hi at the TeachMeet and BeerMeet – details below. Also check out my next post which is a guide for first time explorers.

1. I suppose I’d better mention my session at 13:50 on the Saturday – ‘How inspirational Geography makes an impact on performance.’ I intend to explore the project management and practical aspects of transforming a Geography department, including some ideas that link to my lecture last year about the new curriculum.  If there’s anything in particular you’d like me to cover, get in touch via twitter or email.

2. I’m really looking forward to the first ever TeachMeet at a GA Conference so it’s fantastic to see that over 80 people have signed up so far.  This event is free and there are some fantastic presentations.  A massive thank you to Lucy in the GA Office and Discover the World Education for making it all possible.

3. A few year’s ago inspirational geographers Richard Allaway and Alan Parkinson came up with the idea for the GA’s very unofficial Beer Meet:

It follows the TeachMeet this year and has always been a highlight where geographers chat informally.  Everyone is really approachable and the beer is not compulsory!  Come along for a chat and ideas.

4. This year I’ll be looking forward to the work of the ICT Working Group’s work, of which I’m a member – there are a number of presentations.

5. Leo Holding is talking about ‘The most remote mountain on the Planet’ so I’m looking forward to that!

Most of all, I’m looking forward to being inspired and meeting up with Geographers!  I’m also looking forward to the Association at Work, although I usually find the event frustrating, I’ll see what I can do to make some waves….

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