A vintage TeachMeet: The Geographical Association’s First TeachMeet – 5 years in the making. #GACONF15 incorporating #BeerMeet 2015


For the past five or so years, I’ve been asking for a TeachMeet at the GA’s Annual Conference. So, when the awesome Lucy Oxley, the driving force behind the annual event, said yes in Guildford last year I was happy.  The aim was to have 30-40 teachers is a seminar room with a few other teachers giving presentations.  So, one Great Hall; 11 fantastic presentations from people in the classroom, including some first timers; 103 signed up lurkers; some wine and a thrown together live-feed later, it’s safe to say that we smashed it out of the room.  The geographers then took over one of the local pubs until closing – I tried to speak to everyone there so if I didn’t apologies.  The place was buzzing. The LiveFeed is embedded below:

The presentations and links are below and I’ll add more when they arrive.

So thank you!:

Jo Debens, the First Lady, for helping with the order of presentations and timing;

Richard Allaway for the live feed and T-Shirts;

Discover the World Education for supporting the event;

Lucy and the GA for saying yes!

Plans for 2016’s TeachMeet and BeerMeet are already underway.


1. David Rogers.  What happens when Year 6 teach Year 10? (@davidErogers)

2. Alan Parkinson. The day I met Bernard Clark (and other stories) (@GeoBlogs)

3. Jen English – Using P4C (Philosophy for Children) in Geography (@Jennnnnn_x)

4. Matt Podbury – Collaborating not Competing’ – Cross curricular projects with history (&maths) @mattpodbury

5. Paul Berry. “Mr B’s Magical Mystery Matrix” – Geography Smorgasbord (@unicorn4275)

6. Bob Lang. ” Geography challenge board” (@BobLangGeog) 

7. Richard Allaway. “Anything invented after you’re thirty-five is against the natural order of things”  (@richardallaway)

8. Jo Debens. Bill Shakespeare was a Geographer.  Literacy in Geog. (@GeoDebs)

9. Chantal Mayo-Hollaway and Sandy Patterson ’10 Years of teaching Geography: where we’ve been and where we’re going.‘ @CMOGeography and @sandyzpatterson

10. Andy Knill – Global networking (@aknill)

11. Tim Jefferis (@tjjteacher) – Collaboration, curation and doing away with paper…




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