TeachMeets–it’s the stuff that happens between the lines.



To me, TeachMeets are fantastic sources of teacher driven CPD. I’ve been involved in those that are very small (7 in a classroom or a dozen in a pub) to the huge (TMBETT).  I prefer the former as, for me, TeachMeets are about building sustainable communities of educators around a geographic area.  Smaller TeachMeets are better for this – they allow time for networking and meeting new people. It’s about what happens next whether that’s putting an idea into practice or following up on a conversation.

With this in mind, there are two TeachMeets that I am helping to put together at the moment, both aimed at building sustainable events that attract teachers from the local(ish) area.  Of course, just like the #gaconf15 TeachMeet, it’s not really me doing much of the organising so many thanks to Jo and Leah for doing all of the difficult work.

So, if you’re interested in an afternoon of Teacher led CPD sign up for TeachMeet Pompey (#tmpompey) on Wednesday 17th June 2015 or TeachMeet Brighton (#tmbtn) on Thursday 18th June. The plan is to make links with others in the area. There’ll be activities, refreshments and lots of classroom ideas!

Many thanks also to the fantastic companies, many of them local, who are supporting each event! We couldn’t do it without you.

And yes, on Friday 19th June I’ll be needing some rest…..

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