Time for a manifesto on teaching?

Kind of linked to my vision post from yesterday is this one.  I’ve thought for a while that teaching is one of those activities where having a morale purpose, a set of principles if you will, are quite important.
Back in 2011 I toyed with the idea of a personal manifesto. I guess it’s the list of attributes I’d like colleagues to think of.  I doubt they do though!

I revisited this in 2013 where I wondered if others could develop and share their own manifestos.

This approach is probably too simplistic (I am a simple bloke really), and it’s really difficult to distil into a few lines.  It’s probably far too pretentious. Nice mountain though.
A couple of lines that have always appeared on job applications have included these questions, which I try to be driven by:
// How does this make teaching and learning better?
// How does this help adults make teaching and learning better?
This has also attracted criticism and there are days where I seriously wonder if the changing education landscape is compatible with a simple set of beliefs.   Some may even say that such tripe isn’t going to help in the classroom and where is the practical stuff? (I’m on the dark side now remember – I don’t teach…..;)
But, like when running a marathon, it’s those simple mantras and visualisations of success that help maintain the focus.  The unrelenting drive to do the right thing.   To stay in a challenging school because the difference you make is life changing.  
So, I gave myself three minutes and a pen to write down the things that I think drive me.  (which also helped me get over the 28 minutes for today).

Am I able to do all of these things every day?  I’m not so sure, but I try, even if I’m not successful.

I understand the irony and conflict between doing this and being against bullshit bingo and I am sure that many will throw stones.  Having these principles may make me seem naive and silly.  I can live with that.
I wonder what would be your personal manifesto? Come on. I dare you.

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