Staying out for the summer. My #summer10

The mountains are calling and I must go.

Thanks to @rlj1981  for kicking off the #summer10 . Here are my thoughts. There is a 2 week summer school to start the year, plus I tend to pop in to work once a week over the summer, then there’s results day when the year really starts and the SLT meetings before term starts. I never really consider myself as not working – my mind cogs grind away and ideas hit me when they come. I therefore tend to sit down and work whenever it fits, or jot down ideas.
When I leave work, the watch comes off and the shoes go someplace I don’t understand apparently they don’t live on the hall way floor….)
Life is too short for work and debate over educational issues and this year has been brutal, but it’s also the one in which I know that I’ll be a Headteacher. So, my 10:
Run 50 miles and eat a pie at the end with a steak. I’m running the Lakeland 50 next weekend – I’ve been building up to it all year. It’s the mountains plus thinking time. I’ll continue to run too as part of my 1,500 mile aim in 2015 – although I may take it a bit easier.
Climb a ‘spikey’ mountain with little man and other adventures. Will involve camping I imagine. Will include camp fires and stuff. It’s what he’s demanded
Commit to something mental for next year perhaps a 100 miler.
Get value for money during an all inclusive package holiday I don’t do package holidays, but this year has been brutal.
Wild camp and wild swim naked like Beowulf. Probably in the Lakes. If you haven’t swam in a mountain tarn as the sun sets after walking across mountains for the day, you are really missing out.
Edit GCSE geography textbooks the fantastic thing about technology is that I can do this almost everywhere.
Read Reacher 20 is coming out, plus there’s Ben Hope and Roy Grace to catch up on. The disadvantage of working closer to home is that I don’t get to read as much as I did when commuting on the train for two hours a day. I really miss that time. I’m going to read trash and geography geek goodness.
Consider writing a book about leadership probably self published
Be a geographer my wife said something to me the other day – my job is my hobby. Perhaps I’m lucky but I like to think it’s the outcome of me taking responsibility for my choices. I am a teacher and I am a geographer – they aren’t the same.
Play Minecraft I’m sorry, but I still don’t see Minecraft as the world solution to crap teaching, I’ll play it with my son (and his new xBox One…..) and look into some cool projects with it.
So, have fun over the summer, smell of wood smoke and mud. Don’t wash your clothes and head out into the storms. Education is a job. Just one that shapes the future of humanity. Therefore it demands that its champions rest, plan, plot and come back.

‘When we try to pick out anything by itself we find that it is bound fast by a thousand invisible cords that cannot be broken, to everything else in the Universe’ John Muir.

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