#projectultra and the GRR Hangover 5

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So, this blog is 10 and had just over a million views over on the blogger platform. It’s been great but I’ve moved over to WordPress and actually paid out some money. In addition, I’m going to add posts about running and other bits here also as I used to in the old days. I’m all for focused blogs about education, but this one is about me. As many other teachers run, I hope that it will provide some inspiration and useful tips also. This is about my #projectultra which is inspired by the brilliant Graham Carter. You can read about his adventure here. I thought about putting this as a separate blog, but I tend to forget about it. This part of my life also links well to the #growinggrit project running at school.

This year I have two aims, the first is to run a total of 1500 miles over the next twelve months and the second is to complete the Lakeland  100, a 100 mile ultra marathon that tours the Lake District.  I’m taking it seriously and completed the Lakeland 50 in 2015 in just over 12 hours and 20 minutes. I immediately decided to go for the 100 because out was such a well organised, supported and enjoyable event and, simply, because I felt that I could continue. I’m seeking that moment where I’m broken and can’t go any more. I failed at this in 2016 and that’s just not good enough. It may have been through injury, but I only completed 6 races and

If you think I’m mad, just watch this:

I’m doing a few things to keep me to this goal:

The first is entering a number of races along the way. Well, if I have to put in 20-30 mile straining runs I may as well have company! This includes the Goring Road Runners’ Hangover 5, a five mile bimble from Worthing College, over 180 meters of muddy climbing and then back down again. I last run this in 2015 and enjoyed it very much again. It was well organised. The only disappointment was that the council have regraded the infamous ‘cardiac hill.’  It used to be a rutted, slipper bare chalk affair but is now a wide path. Of course, it’s still blooming steep, and now there are fewer excuses to walk. One thing that did strike me is that I’m very much a lone runner and perhaps I should join a local running club for the camaraderie and banter. I like this run as it’s a usual running route, it’s muddy and on New Year’s Day! The run overview is below.

The second is to commit properly to OTT Training‘s class at 6:20am on Hove Lawns. This takes place three times a week. When it’s dark, no one can see me sweat buckets. For a long distance runner, cross training and building core strength are important for body position and stamina. It also prevents injury. Also, the people that go along there are a good laugh and don’t take themselves too seriously. Most importantly, it sets me up for the day at school as I turn up freshly showered, energised and ready for the day. It still surprises me that I don’t feel tired after class. I’ll never have a body for the beach, but it’s good to feel good. For anyone in the local area, I would recommend Natalie’s classes wholeheartedly. She runs them with the right amount of coaching, sadist style comments, challenge and cooing over the local dog population.

The third thing to do is I’ve taken the 30 day core challenge that I found on the Running Bug Facebook page. As mentioned above, having a strong core is important and my sit ups and core stretch is pants. This simple programme is enjoyable, and ramps up the challenge. Of course, I need to figure out what to do after that is finished!

Give it a go!

Finally, I have lined myself up for two training programmes. I could just go for a run but I don;t find that motivating: I need the structure of a training plan. Therefore I’m starting a marathon training pan from Strava which start son January 16th. This is to aim for the Brighton Marathon. I don’t want a walk stop this year and want a time over 3:40 is possible.  I like the Strava plans as they have a goo dmix of activities and also email me a reminder! On the 13th of March though I’ll switch to the 100 mile training plan from Hal Koerner’s Field Guide to Ultrarunning. I’ll let you know how that goes when I get there!

What else?

To be honest, there a a number of things that I need to get better at in order to be successful. I think that the first is to join a running club. Running takes a big part of my life and keeps me sane, but it’s also a lonely occupation. Te second thing is to sort my diet out. At the moment, I run so that I can eat loads. And I do (including two breakfasts yesterday before 10am).  Any tips on these two areas would be gratefully received, as would any advice is general. I have to say that I find the Lakeland 100 Facebook group mega!



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