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This is the second simple idea that has had a positive effect in the classroom. Again, I can’t claim the idea (although I have forgotten where the inspiration came from), although I have played around with the idea.
The ‘Post Its’ method basically gets pupils to jot down ideas, questions thoughts or answers on a Post-It note and then place them onto a shared space, such as a classroom poster or flip chart. I have recently used the idea during an introductory lesson on tectonic hazards. After exploring what a hazard is (using a sorting activity taken from Teaching Geography) the idea of tectonic hazards was introduced. The classes then moved onto deciding how disasters can be measured. Finally I posed the question – ‘Why would people live near volcanoes?’.
I then asked the class to record 1-3 questions that they had on the subject of volcanoes on Post-It notes, The results can be seen here.
I have used the results to structure the Hazards SoW for Year 9. At the end of each lesson 2 students check the Post-It display and cross of those questions that have been answered in the lesson. Although many of the questions raised were covered in the existing SoW, I have found that this technique has given ownership of the unit to the pupils. In addition, there were examples of questions that I wouldn’t have considered covering.
I would be interested in other peoples’ experience of using this technique, and whether anyone has any ways in which the method could be expanded further.

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