A long walk of inspiration

I always remember the words of an older teacher during my first teaching post: ‘If you need to do any planning, just make sure you walk to the classroom slower.’

Not quite following this way of thinking, I decided to pop along to the shop today. I was racking my brains over how I could spice up a rather dull lesson on the flood defence options of Bangladesh. The result? Well over a BLT I decided to get the class to role-play. One ‘volunteer’ agreed to act as the BBC foreign correspondent while each group elected a spokesperson. Not rocket science so far! However, in the 10 minutes before the lesson I suddenly thought of filming myself acting as the BBC News anchor. I quickly used my digital camera, set to video mode. The result was a very crude, poorly produced video, but the class loved it, and made the outcome of the lesson much more fun! I hope to refine the video before using it with the next class.

You can see the video (if you really want to!) here. I hope no family members (or potential best men) get hold of this!

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