Looking in on learning: a six step cycle

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Trying to take the temperature of how teaching and learning is going is no simple task. This is mainly because there are many proxies for learning and that learning takes place over long periods of time, rather than within observable, neat chunks. This post has come about after a conversation with my brilliant colleague Mark […]

I don’t care how you teach, as long as students make progress.

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As a school leader I’ve had the privilege to visit many, many classrooms.  I learn something during most visits, whether my stay be five minutes or longer.  As a teacher and school leader, I’ve looked at loads of outcomes and progress data over the years and used these to start and inform conversations about teaching […]

The biggest threat to education? The ‘Outstanding chasers.’ (edited)

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This week a post written a while back comparing teachers to priests and urging us not to lose our faith was (re)discovered.  Together with this post about monitoring, conversations and a recent glut of blog posts recently examining school’s observation systems, I’ve come to the conclusion that the biggest threat to quality pedagogy are the […]