A week in the life of……

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It’s recruitment season and I know that some readers will be considering taking the step to senior leadership. Your perspective will change and it’s different having to leave the subject behind in order to look at whole school developments.  Often, I get to the end of a whirlwind of a week and wonder what exactly […]

Looking in on learning: a six step cycle

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Trying to take the temperature of how teaching and learning is going is no simple task. This is mainly because there are many proxies for learning and that learning takes place over long periods of time, rather than within observable, neat chunks. This post has come about after a conversation with my brilliant colleague Mark […]

So, you’re designated safeguarding lead. 7 lessons I’ve learnt so far.

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In the 15 years that I’ve been teaching, I’ve been given many roles. Since September 2016 I’ve been the school’s designated safeguarding lead. This post shares some reflections, one term into the role, with the aim that others in the same situation may find it useful.No training ever prepares you fully. Like every role within […]

Leadership: more like whack-a-mole than spinning plates

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School leadership is often compared to spinning plates.  However, after three years of senior leadership, five years of middle leadership and three years of classroom leadership, I see it more like playing a game of whack-a-mole.  You see, plate spinning is predictable and the variables can be controlled (unless you’re doing it in an outdoor […]