Behaviour: it’s about the simple, small things

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Share this: 2 Classroom behaviour is an emotive subject. Effective behaviour management requires long term CPD opportunities for teachers as well as clear, simple whole school systems.  From experience, school induction procedures for staff are often inadequate, especially around getting to grips with school systems. I see supporting and challenging behaviour central to my role […]

#GrowingGrit Assembly

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Share this: 2This week I get to do one of my favourite activities: giving assemblies to over the week to each year group.  It really is a privilege to speak to all of the students and many staff over the week. The theme this week was linked to the #GrowingGrit project and was co delivered […]

A week in the life of……

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Share this: 2 It’s recruitment season and I know that some readers will be considering taking the step to senior leadership. Your perspective will change and it’s different having to leave the subject behind in order to look at whole school developments.  Often, I get to the end of a whirlwind of a week and […]

Looking in on learning: a six step cycle

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Share this: 2 Trying to take the temperature of how teaching and learning is going is no simple task. This is mainly because there are many proxies for learning and that learning takes place over long periods of time, rather than within observable, neat chunks. This post has come about after a conversation with my […]

Post 1000 and 10 years of blogging: #growinggrit, an update and challenge

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Share this: 2 Well. Blimey. It’s been ten years of blogging. Ten years from this rather pants post  (together with an horrendous selfie – what was I thinking?!). Ten years and I still haven’t made a proper site. 10 years of poor grammar, spelling and typos. Well, actually, it was 10 years a couple of weeks […]